Antichrist: Deconstructing Phallocentrism.

 In horror cinema, we are caught up between the prospects of good and evil where the audience is inclined to find the light at the end of the tunnel. As modern cinema evolves we have come to find that more... Continue Reading →

Death Diary

All of it will make sense eventually. I've been working on this for 7 years. Everything you read here is real. Everything you learn is a lie. Everything they say doesnt matter.      

The walls told me stories so i sat and listened well alot of memories were to strange to tell. This old ground was stepped on too much. This old shoes were worn out and the truth finally came out. His... Continue Reading →

My whole life I blamed my surroundings for who I was. Not today. Today I blame myself. It was my fault all along, I let myself live this way. I let my head control me, I let my heart disappoint... Continue Reading →

There’s so much negativity that surrounds me. That surrounds you. And for years you thought it was alright to just let it be part of your life. And I saw you sad, I saw you cry. I saw you hide... Continue Reading →

Love for you is fading like the dying light of the lamp in the living room. you say so much and act so little. confused, reduced, unimportant. “You’re so busy, so caught up.” I think you just don’t want to let... Continue Reading →

 Warm from thoughts of balmy concrete against my palms hold me tight at the break of dawn. the lukewarm concrete lifted you as your feet swayed back and forth. Taking time watching the water ripple against the rocks with hidden... Continue Reading →

There's no love between us, just lust and need. When you look at me you say you see something that was too far to reach. When I look at you I see someone that made me feel ill. Time Time... Continue Reading →

Tamal de Cazuela: The real Tamal Pie

Full disclosure, I am making this because I stumbled upon a video  called "Tamal Pie" but It was a disgrace. The recipe barely passed as a texmex caserole but in no way did it have the aspects of a tamal... Continue Reading →

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