Warm from thoughts of balmy concrete against my palms hold me tight at the break of dawn.

the lukewarm concrete lifted you as your feet swayed back and forth.

Taking time watching the water ripple against the rocks with hidden snakes below you.

2 bottles of your poison sat empty on the bin

my skin

crawled and shivered as you held my hand between the badlands and the holy grounds that made us misunderstand.

You wont remember that song playing against the wind when my hips whispered I love you and you couldn’t hear

you kept asking its name as i insisted continuously of a tittle that was not the same.

now broken mornings in strangers beds, I remember, between the stage of being clinically dead

that my skin has retained your memory

Your scent of bed hair and champagne forever etched in false memories created by my pain.

I only think of you through coffee grounds and blinding sunrise because I am convinced that your warmth deserves more than the memory you gave it.