My whole life I blamed my surroundings for who I was.
Not today.
Today I blame myself.
It was my fault all along, I let myself live this way.
I let my head control me, I let my heart disappoint me, I let my soul be left alone.
Things changed when I woke this morning.
I felt ready to take control of my day.
I felt comfortable with myself.
I felt comfortable with the pain.
I felt beautiful.
Something changed when I woke up this morning.
I want it to feel this way everyday.
I won’t care once your back.
I won’t care when you think you’re all I had.
Because you weren’t.
I won’t let you take me once you’re here.
I won’t let you touch me.
I won’t say I’ll wait tomorrow, today I’ll finish what I began.
I am untouchable.
I am fine.
I changed when I woke up this morning.