Tamal de Cazuela: The real Tamal Pie

Full disclosure, I am making this because I stumbled upon a video  called "Tamal Pie" but It was a disgrace. The recipe barely passed as a texmex caserole but in no way did it have the aspects of a tamal... Continue Reading →

Boozy Black Rasberry Two Layer Chocolate Cake

Hey my dudes! I'm back with a wild boozy raspberry layered cake before my summer ends as I won't be stress baking for a second.  I had done this a while back and well I don't have many pics buuuuut... Continue Reading →

Boozy Dulce de Leche Cupcakes

I made a cool thing and I got some DM's about it. They were delish my dudes. So here's what I did for my sister's birthday. I hope you enjoy! tag me on IG @assholegentlman if you decide to try... Continue Reading →

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