Antichrist: Deconstructing Phallocentrism.

In horror cinema, we are caught up between the prospects of good and evil where the audience is inclined to find the light at the end of the tunnel. As modern cinema evolves we have come to find that more... Continue Reading →

The Parallelism Between The Divine or the Physician and Freud’s The Uncanny

Freud’s The Uncanny is a discourse on the feeling of irrational fear that comes from what we believe is the unfamiliar. This feeling “arouses dread and creeping horror, [however], the word is not always used in a clearly definable sense”... Continue Reading →

Friedkin’s The Exorcist: A Short Analysis.

William Friedkin’s The Exorcist is a film adaptation of a William Peter Blatty novel under the same name which was inspired by the real-life exorcism of “a thirteen-year-old boy from a Washington D.C” (Reece 131). The film tells the story... Continue Reading →

A Study in Fandom.

When I turned thirteen I felt that it was part of my social duty to obsess over things like that weird green and blue color combination, sparkly pens, and boy bands to appease the status quo. My friends and I... Continue Reading →

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