Boozy Black Rasberry Two Layer Chocolate Cake

Hey my dudes! I'm back with a wild boozy raspberry layered cake before my summer ends as I won't be stress baking for a second.  I had done this a while back and well I don't have many pics buuuuut... Continue Reading →

My Dear Inhibitor.

You’ll always be my escape. My forgotten memoirs , my affair that didn’t last. You’re alll I ever wanted and made me feel twice as much a man has ever had. You’re all I want, all I crave, and all... Continue Reading →

Boozy Dulce de Leche Cupcakes

I made a cool thing and I got some DM's about it. They were delish my dudes. So here's what I did for my sister's birthday. I hope you enjoy! tag me on IG @assholegentlman if you decide to try... Continue Reading →

New York, I love you, but you’re bringing me down.

I was randomly invited to tag along to New York for what it seems like my sisters biannual two-week long vacation. For 4 months I managed to not feed my extreme shopping and drinking habits so I could actually save... Continue Reading →

Waking Nightmares.

      I was 11 years old when It first happened. I was terrified. I cleared my throat but I had yet to speak a word even though it had seemed as if I had been screaming for hours. It... Continue Reading →

The Parallelism Between The Divine or the Physician and Freud’s The Uncanny

Freud’s The Uncanny is a discourse on the feeling of irrational fear that comes from what we believe is the unfamiliar. This feeling “arouses dread and creeping horror, [however], the word is not always used in a clearly definable sense”... Continue Reading →

Friedkin’s The Exorcist: A Short Analysis.

William Friedkin’s The Exorcist is a film adaptation of a William Peter Blatty novel under the same name which was inspired by the real-life exorcism of “a thirteen-year-old boy from a Washington D.C” (Reece 131). The film tells the story... Continue Reading →

Schadenfreude & Demons

With the expectations of terror and human struggle against evil, the mention of “the devil” or “demonic possession” has presently become a common theme in horror films that “conjures sensationalized images of a person in a physically impossible contortion and... Continue Reading →

A Study in Fandom.

When I turned thirteen I felt that it was part of my social duty to obsess over things like that weird green and blue color combination, sparkly pens, and boy bands to appease the status quo. My friends and I... Continue Reading →

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